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Today's Fireworks, Deals or No Deals?

Given that fireworks are predominantly available for purchase during particular seasons, such as New Year's Eve and Independence Day, a significant portion of consumers may not be fully informed about the industry trends and the implications of price fluctuations on the end users – the consumers themselves. The lack of awareness surrounding these aspects can lead to surprises and potentially dissatisfaction among those looking to purchase fireworks for celebratory occasions.

The upcoming blog post on Fireworks Deals intends to bridge this information gap and shed light on the noteworthy changes in prices compared to the previous year. By delving into the reasons behind these price hikes, the blog aims to provide valuable insights for the "average" fireworks buyers. Understanding the factors influencing pricing variations can empower consumers to make more informed decisions when it comes to purchasing fireworks for their festivities.

Through this blog, readers can expect to gain a deeper understanding of how market dynamics, supply chain disruptions, and other external factors contribute to fluctuations in fireworks prices. By staying tuned to the upcoming content, consumers will be better equipped to navigate the market and potentially identify cost-effective options for their fireworks purchases. Stay informed, stay prepared, and stay tuned for valuable insights on navigating the world of fireworks deals.

So, let's get right down to business. The biggest contributor to the HUGE price increases in both consumer and professional fireworks is NOT the cost of production of the fireworks themselves. Considering the majority of fireworks come from the country of China, shipping plays a major role in the end cost of the products. Even though material cost is on the rise, shipping companies, or should I say, the main shipping company in China that controls the shipment of fireworks, has gone rogue. Rogue? Well, here is how we will draw this conclusion for this term. The average shipping cost per container for general merchandise coming from China can be anywhere from $4500 US dollars to $6500. But today we have seen a continued spiking of pricing from the main shipping company in China that ships fireworks to the United States. They can't say it's the cost of fuel or the cost of labor for those shipmates. The question remains as to why shipping costs went from an average of $15K per container to $40K in less than one year. GREED? Or is there a bigger picture that is designed to put fireworks manufacturers or buyers OUT OF BUSINESS? Only those behind the scenes can answer these questions. Will it have an effect on the sales of fireworks? It very well could. Is it designed to limit the number of stores or importers that will be able to meet the financial burden of the cost to import? It could. Or is it designed to limit the FREE MARKET and limit the competitiveness throughout the entire industry. That is yet to be seen. Free enterprise is clearly not on the table when it comes to shipping from China. What will America do to offset this self-created Chinese dilemma?

Lesson from the past. For many years, fireworks were produced in the United States. Some still are. Is this another WAKE-UP call for America to get back to what they do best? Producing the highest quality products in the world? It appears that as the prices have stabilized for the moment from what was out of control pricing, is it now more cost-effective to start producing what we once produced in the states? All these answers are yet to be seen. One thing for sure, it appears there is no end in sight to the increasing cost concept from the Chinese fireworks manufacturing companies. But, on the positive note, it opens the door for many other countries that produce fireworks to expand their production. Like Japan, far superior in professional fireworks over China. Italy, famous for their canister shells for professional shows. Food for thought and a door-opening opportunity for other countries and investors to get in on the opportunities being created. How much are you willing to pay to celebrate the nation's Independence? Independence, a big word, which at one time, America was basically fireworks independent from China. Shop for the best of the best at


How come so much money for the


Jun 29
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Buying case is completely different than buying one piece. You're getting three or four times as much product. Unfortunately, everything in America cost more, wonder why?

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