Frequently asked questions

1.  How does www.bestfireworksstores.com sell fireworks for the lowest prices online compared to all the competitors?

Best Fireworks Stores offers fireworks directly from the importers warehouses. By eliminating the high cost of retail space, the saving is passed on to you the customer. No PUBLIC shopping can be done at any warehouse. All orders MUST be prepaid prior to pickup. Pickup times are arraigned after payment is complete.

2. Is there a minimum purchase requirement to buy fireworks online.

Yes, our pricing is based on volume sales and not individual pieces as they do in retail locations. Buying fireworks by the case in most cases is the biggest savings and help reduce the total cost for the consumer. Sparklers and Novelties do not require a minimum purchase other than a case.

5. Do you need a dealers license to buy from Best Fireworks Stores.

No, we only sell by the shippers case. Single piece buyers should visit their favorite local retail fireworks store.

6. How are fireworks shipped when you buy them online?

Fireworks are shipped via commercial carriers. Due to the nature of the content, most fireworks are considered as a "hazmat" item and cannot be shipped by USPS, UPS or FEDEX. Delivery is NOT available in all areas.

7. Do I need a permit to buy, possess or discharge fireworks?

Check with your state and or locate government body to be sure fireworks are legal in your area.

8. Do you ship fireworks to states where they are illegal?

Certain states DO NOT allow any types of pyrotechnical devices. unless a permit granting purchase, possession and discharging fireworks is accompanied with an order. In most states, permits are issued by a local government body of the state where fireworks are illegal. Local permits are very specific to the purchase and use of fireworks once issued. Allow a minimum of 60 days before an event to secure such a permit if allowed where the intented use is at question. Certain states do not allow any purchase possession or use by any person not certified and or licensed. Check with your state and or local government agencies in regards to if you can legally discharge fireworks in your area.

9. Is shipping included in the sales price of fireworks?

No, all shipping charges are F.O.B. on the purchaser(s). When you submit an order, a flat rate freight charge is added. Additional freight may be required for some destinations. Buyers will be notified ASAP when a situatiion involving extra freight is necessary. Example: North Dakota, Montana, Florida Keys, New Mexico. buyers will have additional freight charges. If you need more information on freight charges, contact customer service.

10. How long does it take to receive my order after I place it?

All fireworks orders leave the closest warehouse to the delivery address within 3 to 7 business days.

11. Will fireworks be delivered to my home address?

In most cases, yes. Residential deliveries can add additional freight charges. Business addresses are the best option for the fastest delivery options.

12. Will I be notified when my fireworks are going to arrive?

Most shipping companies require a contact telephone number to arraign for delivery. An adult signature WILL be required in all deliveries. NO EXCEPTIONS! ID may be required.

13. Can I return fireworks I do not like, or order by accident?

NO, due to the nature of the product, we do not take or accept any returns. All Sales Are Finall. No Refunds or Exchanges.

14. What if my merchandise arrives damaged or is missing product?

When your merchandise arrives, inventory what you purchased while the delivery driver is present. If merchandis is missing, it must be documented by the driver and signed, dated and retain the original bill of lading for evidence. If merchandise arrives damage, photp's of the damaged merchandise(cell phone is fine) WILL BE REQUIRED. All claims MUST be submitted within 24 hours of the receiving time and date.

3. Will I get all the items that I order.

Order fulfiillment is based on when the order is placed and what warehouse it is being shipped out of. We make every attempt to fulfill an order as placed. We do however reserve the right to substitute items of equal or greater value to fulfill and order and ship it in a timely manner.

4. When is the best time to place an order and get the best fulfillment ratio's?

Timing is everything! Orders placed in late April or early May, may be held until all available items have been pulled to fill the order. Orders placed in June will have subsitituted items. Most online orders will not be filled if placed after June 26th in most cases. Warehouise pickup may still be available on qualified orders. Orders for New Years will get the best fulfillment if placed from October 15 to November 15th.