M-80's - Silver Salutes, Cherry Bombs

Can you legally buy the old M- 80's, Silver Salutes or Cherry Bombs today in the United States? The answer is no, at least not legally. The old M-80's basically would rattle the windows in your house. Do to the fact that they were very powerful, many people got hurt due to improper use or just plain carelessness.

Today what they're selling that they claim are m-80's are nowhere near what an m-80 really happened to be. Today's so called M-80's may have the label be consisit of high-quality firecrackers or firecrackers all quick fused together inside of a tube. An example of this would be the M-5000 made by world class which you can find on the website

Similar in color and looks, but nothing like what was available when firecrackers were classified as Class C. www.bestfireworksstores.com

Silver Salutes, again 'Illegal" to buy anywhere in the United States. Extremely powerful firecrackers yielding a massive bang. Ear drum busters. Today you will find what they call "Salutes", but again a combination of a series of firecrackers fused together inside a cardboard cylinder that resembles the old Class C Silver Salutes.

Cherry Bomb fireworks are another Class C item in the firecracker class that contained a much larger amount of powder and delivered a large blast. Illegal to sell in the United States for many years now. They actually resemble a smoke ball that is produced and sold throughout the United States today.

Find a complete selection of "legal" firecrackers made with the finest powder, papers and fuse. Available in various configurations packs or rolls.

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