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The World Class Jumbo M-5000 is the ultimate firecracker experience! It contains a bundle of firecrackers strung together with a quick fuse, allowing for all of the crackers to ignite in a split second. When lit, this firecracker creates an incredibly loud boom and a bright red light show, making it the perfect way to celebrate special occasions and holidays. With its impressive size, the Jumbo M-5000 is sure to be the highlight of any firecracker display. Get ready for a world-class firecracker show with the Jumbo M-5000 RED.


24 Packs Of 6  M-5000's In Each Pack - 144 Total 

Jumbo M-5000 RED Quick Fused Firecrackers

SKU: 1000553
$210.81 Regular Price
$108.92Sale Price

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