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Fireworks for Sale!

Shopping for fireworks for sale online can be the most rewarding experience for fireworks enthusiasts. As all the new devices are getting ready to make their appearance for the 2023 fireworks season, one will find some have disappeared and some items will have new or different labels. In each new fireworks season, one may also enjoy some of the new effects being presented by the major manufacturers and importers. Over the past few years, crackles were on the top of the list along with neon colors in the breaks of cakes and artillery shells. Everyone is always seeking out the ones with the biggest bangs which will probably always dominate the consumer fireworks market. The question is where do we start? Seeking out the best fireworks for sale at a reasonable price. Let's take a look back in the past at what seems to dominate the market and where we can find some good deals on these items.

  1. Cakes, Multiple Shot Repeaters are the Top Selling Fireworks

  2. Artillery Shells, Canister Shell and Mortars

  3. Roman Candles are the Favorite Pastime of Fireworks

  4. Firecrackers, Since the Beginning of Time Still Remain Strong

  5. Safe and Sane are Considered Family Friendly Fireworks

Digging into fireworks cakes, one can find a variety of almost everything they make in the consumer fireworks for sale class. Effects and combinations are endless. Multiple shot repeaters are the go to for most pyros because the one fuse ignites and entire show in one box. The average cake ranges from 200 gram of explosive powers unto the legal amount for consumer fireworks of 500 gram maximum load. Each cake has a series of tubes all loaded with effects. Some cake have multiple effects and multiple size tubes usually ranging from 1/2 inch up to the heavy weight which are in the three inch class. In most cases, the more tubes, smaller the size of each tube which helps to regulate how much powder is in each cake. A typical 200 gram cake with average 17 to 25 small tubes and put on a pretty good show. The larger cakes, 500 gram will have a variety of tube size makeups or be one size with several tubes making up the 500 grams of powder maximum load. Example of a quality 200 gram cake is pictured below.

Somethin In My Teeth has 25 shots of colorful rising tails, silver spider breaks, and stunning glitter. Reasonably priced and packed with excitement. A great show starter, filler or stand alone fireworks cake. Find a super low price per cake by the case and it will for sure make the best backyard pyros happy. Stepping up the game let's take a look at a 500 gram repeater cake with multiple effects.

500 Gram Fireworks Cakes
Western Green Mamba 500g Firework

The larger the grams of powder, the bigger the effects including the reports at the end of each break in most cases. This Western Green Mamba by World Class Fireworks is a cake featuring 42 shots, including loud whistles, blue gold willows, and multi-break crackle finale. A great finale producer or stand alone device. Fused together with other devices will make your show look as good as the ones downtown. Shopping for fireworks for sale online makes it easy to have the best display in your neighborhood. Find a larger selection of all the top sellers at available. Serious pyro's can find this gem for around $52 a cake verse $100 or more at a local fireworks store near me outlet.

Roman Candles, the all time favorite in fireworks for sale have come a long ways over the years. They have gotten so big in size or HUGE to be exact, they have a spike on the bottom to anchor them in the ground. Taking the Top Spot would have to be the "Balls of Fire". This candle is nearly three feet tall with a girth of approximately 2 and a half inches around. Lasting approximately one minute and three seconds it's hardly a quickie. Cross shooting this candles makes an impressive trailer effects before any crowd waiting for the main show to start.

Safe and Sane Fireworks Fountains
Taco Tuesday Fireworks Fountain

Pictured is everyones favorite Tuesday delight! Taco Tuesday, a 500 gram Safe and Sane fireworks fountain. These are legal in almost every state in the USA. Family friendly for the most part. Of course there are still a few states that do not allow any types of fireworks. Find a variety of safe and sane fireworks online by following this link. Fireworks for Sale.

Everyone knows what a firecracker is and unfortunately the loudest one made was the M80 which was outlawed many years ago. Even though some people still try to sell firecrackers claiming to be M80's, the real ones are long gone. Quality firecrackers today are limited to the powder they can use to the find the ones made with the best powders, fuse and paper is the most important factor. Our pick is a premium firecracker made by World Class who for years and been at the top of their game.

Best Fireworks to Buy
Excalibur Fireworks Artillery Shells

The most sought after fireworks on the market today are the firework artillery shells. Known as mortars, canister shells. These beauties are loaded with up to 60 grams of powder in each shell. That is the maximum allowed by law. They a made and sold with a variety of effects in each box and including the necessary HDPE shooting tubes. These shells are used in lots of different events. From sporting events, auto races to private firework displays. Known as close proximity fireworks that produce a large spread in the sky with a loud report at the end. Not to be taken lightly by any means, the Excalibur is approximately 4" long which because of its size allows it to travel farther in the air because of the size and produce a spread up to 200 feet wide upon ignition.

The size of any fireworks show depends on how much of what items are in the show. Cost is the ultimate decider in any fireworks show. Find fireworks for sale for less online everyday with year round access to the best you can buy.


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