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How to Spot Firework Deals!

Last minute shoppers hit the local fireworks stores seeking out the best buys for their dollar. So how do we really know it's a deal? You don't! How to Spot Firework Deals! Most retail stores are just that, "RETAIL STORES"! Paying retail for fireworks speaks for itself. Can there be some good buys in a retail fireworks store? Absolutely! For the average shoppers who are looking to spend a couple of hundred dollars to celebrate their holiday event, there are is some nice stuff out there. If the budget is dominating what merchandise one can buy, it would probably be the smaller items like bottle rockets, small repeater fireworks cakes, roman candles and safe and sane items. Some may argue the point to where the sign says Buy One, Get One Free. Really? The proper signage should says, Pay For Two, Get Two. Here, let's look at a perfect example: Seeing is believing correct?

Excalibur Fireworks Artillery Shells
Fireworks Mortars Best Seller

Here is an item that is should in many retail outlets. Some will sell one box of 24 shells for approximately $200. Is that a good deal? Well, if it is the only store that carries that product, probably. Or what about the store that says Buy One at $199 and get a second one FREE! Is that a good deal? There are so many play on words and tricks to marketing that make a person feel like they are getting something for nothing or just a good deal. Excalibur is the most popular fireworks artillery shells on the market. So popular they have been ranked #1 for over a decade. Are there other shells out there like it? Of course there are items that claim to be "as good as", some may be, but bets will says most are not even close. So this 4th of July, avoid the tricks and gimmicks and have the best fireworks display in your neighborhood. In closing, here is how to spot a REAL DEAL;

4- 24 Packs of the #1 Selling Fireworks Artillery Shells for just $179.00

96 Shells, 16 Exclusive HDPE Shooting Tubes

24 Different effects in each box.


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