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Fireworks Knockoffs or The Real Stuff?

The fireworks industry is changing rapidly due to sky rocketing costs. Shipping fees have over doubled, material cost increases far beyond the normal, well at least to the Chinese sources. All these unexplained obstacles sending the prices of fireworks through the roof. Some importers are fighting back, or basically selling what is known as "Knockoffs". Unlike the products you have purchased over the years, only a few companies have engaged in this practice in the past. This disease has appeared to have spread like a PANDEMIC! It's no secret, one of these companies who has practiced selling a lower grade product has a Cat in the name, the other is a well-known explosive name. There are several importers who have not lowered their standards to maintain exceptional quality products for consumers to celebrate with fireworks. Unfortunately, those who maintain their standards will have higher prices than the inferior knockoff brands. What you will notice when you purchase inferior or knockoff brands of fireworks, are all the things that make them what they are. Cheaper grades of powder or far less powder in the item than is indicated on the labels. Example: label says 500 grams, but in reality, the product only contains 395 grams of powder. Or the play on words, "Up To 500 Grams of Powder", Cheaper grade papers or poorly wrapped devices which hold the powder and effects. More duds or shady effects like premature ignition, close to ground breaks. All which will likely increase accidents and injuries to those who enjoy celebrations with fireworks. In conclusion, are cheaper priced fireworks really a better buy? The old adage of the cheapest products are the MOST EXPENSIVE products you can buy holds true in fireworks as well. Why? You need to buy two to get what you would have gotten with only one of the trusted, proven, well known products.

There is only Excalibur fireworks artillery shell. Patented with NO KNOCKOFFS! #1 Selling canister shells for over a decade! No Imitation, just the REAL McCoy! Available at for less everyday all year-round.

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