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Comparing The Artillery Shell Hype

Wow, the NEW 6" canister shells. Those have got to be better than the 5" shells. So is the bigger the number we put on the product mean the better it is? What if it was only 4"'s but with the same amount of powder as the 5 and 6" shells? Here is the ins and outs of fireworks artillery shells, don't let that big number make you think you are actually getting something more powerful. Facts are simple, and here is the low down. No canister shell sold in the United States can contain more than 60 grams of powder. That's right, doesn't matter if it's a 10" canister shell. What we do know is the more the weight, the less the distance it will travel. It's obvious a 6" shell weights more than a 5" inch shell, which means the device will travel a shorter distance in the sky before the burst due to the extra weight. So does that extra inch mean I am paying more for less distance? Or more for extra weight? Or is the hype is getting into your wallet on a false hope? So if a company is pushing their New and Improved 6" artillery shells, what are they really selling? AIR?

Not to mention the companies pushing this gimmick, but I have seen a couple of fireworks quotes where the hype was on the NEW 6" artillery shell with a bigger price tag. There is only one fireworks artillery shell that has ranked #1 for over a decade, we all know which one that is.

After reading this blog, it should help you make better decisions in buying fireworks that have a proven track record versus ones that make claims and push serious hype. There are some very good fireworks out there, but then there are probably five times more that are a waste of money and a serious disappointment when you expected something great. Shop the best prices on all fireworks in our online store. Free shipping is available for qualified large orders. Lowest prices and FREE SHIPPING on your fireworks show!


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