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New Year's Eve Fireworks! Who Will Have the Best Display?

Another year going into the record books. High prices, low self-esteem and moral standards that no longer exist. Well shoot, it's time to celebrate and forget about the past and ring in the new. Literally make your ears ring with booms, bangs and a sky filled with the colors and effects of fireworks. Time to ward of the evil spirits of the prior year. Send the message! Well according to some on the ancient history of fireworks in the Chinese culture, it looks like we need to make this a record year with fireworks celebrations on New Year's Eve. This year you will be judged by HOW BIG your display is and HOW MANY of those spirits you run off! (giggles) I guess I shouldn't laugh at someone else's beliefs since their country is still alive and very well off after thousands of years in existence. So, let's get down to what to expect this New Year's Eve and what Spirit Hunter fireworks we will need to get the job done and take home the best trophy for our neighborhood fireworks display. By the way, trophies for everyone this year!

Picking Out the Right New Year's Eve Fireworks

This is where it starts to get a little sticky. Evil spirits FEAR big flashes of lights, loud colors and ear-piercing bangs. So, we are going to start by shopping for fireworks that display lots of crackles. Size will matter in this one, so we will be looking for aerial devices, repeater cakes or mortar shells that contain the perfect number of crackles in the break and some gentle color effects. The break is where the main effect of the fireworks item takes place. First stop will be in the Spinners fireworks category. We want to play fair here. So, a warning shot is necessary. We will light off a few Alien UFOs to open the lines of communication between our thoughts for the New Year and the Spirits. After our introduction, we will be moving on to some more exciting line of communication and introduce a more radical approach and tell them you are The Cowboy from the planet earth. (Depending on where you live of course) And finish the opening ceremony, it's time to get their undivided attention with ground to sky effects and some noise at the end to make sure they have not dozed off on us yet. Nobody likes a boring fireworks display, not even those believed Chinese Spirits. So, Light the Fuse on the A.I. and let's get this party started!

Getting the Biggest Bangs at Midnight!

I guess we know have everyone's attention and it's about 12:01 AM, January 1st of the New Year. The first minute has passed, and we have only just begone to rock the neighborhood with a few sparkles and small pops in the air. It's really time to show the Spirits we mean business. We up the game to the larger sized 500-gram cake category and add in some of the artillery shells and maybe a few of those 60-gram mortars. You won't get any Oh's or Ah's unless you can feel the movement of air around you. Don't worry, it's not the fireworks moving the air, it's the Spirits trying to exit out of your area. (More giggles) So we wander down the fireworks isle searching for that perfect big opener cake and find some real excitement as we have a Reptile Dysfunction right there in the store. Now this is getting serious with the neon-colored breaks and how intense the reports (bangs) are getting at the end of each break. As we feel the air moving around us, it appears the movements in the sky have made the spirits we are aware of our presence and it's time to make them become Deranged from the past. There will be no escape from the prior year's mischief as we send them the final farewell into the New Year. The bright blue mines and ground to sky effects will send a clear message. It's time to let the neighbors know we will rock the skies with some Excalibur fireworks artillery shells. Sitting patiently in the heavy-duty HDPE launch tubes are several 60-gram regular Excalibur shells and some 5" Platinum Excalibur mortars. Light the Fuse!

In Conclusion, It's Not the Size of Your Fireworks Display, It's the Quality That Goes into It That Counts, Incoming the Products Used.

Where to buy the best fireworks for your New Year's Eve celebration starts online. Shopping proven winners, known quality fireworks that will produce unmatchable effects, less duds and the pure sense of happiness of the time we all spend together. There is a sense that comes from fireworks that people feel. It places the mind in a trance, sends sublimated messages to the brain to relax and enjoy the show. No matter how big your fireworks display happens to be on New Year's Eve, it will be a refresher for the mind and body. Think about it, what were you thinking about at the last fireworks show you went too?

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