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July 4th Event Celebrations

Knowing when your business is appreciated. Shopping for fireworks can be an exciting event and rewarding time. Going above and beyond what people would do to make sure your celebration is the best it could be, or getting the products you feel you need to make this years 4th of July fireworks celebration extraordinary. Working with people who in the business show their passion and love for what they do. All this adds up to who you spend your hard earned dollars with. What happens when a company loses visions of how they got to where they are at? How long before the effects of the lack of concern for your customers needs takes its toll? 2020 has been a serious challenge for the fireworks business. Major fireworks players losing vision of how they got to where they are now, hit hard. Management showed its lack luster for stepping up to the plate. Easy to find excuses for why nots, hard to accept the facts that as a player in the fireworks business, you fell flat on your face. The door has opened for the opportunity for other players to move into position to gain a much better footing. This blog is a wake up call for those who attempted to make a purchase and found items out of stock, orders messed up or felt your business does not count. Today, no pictures of any products will be shown on this blog. Maybe a gif or two, but no products. What to expect as we all move forward.

We are excited on some anticipated changes coming to our online fireworks store websites. In the future, an expanded horizon of different high quality fireworks items will find their way on our web pages for all the online fireworks shoppers. Our goal moving forward, is to work with importers, suppliers and distributors of only their TOP SELLING fireworks products. To allow the consumer to buy the BEST FIREWORKS your money can buy online. Stay tuned, it's going to get exciting. The word is out, Interested in getting involved in the fireworks business, PM us. We are talking with entrepreneurs, future serious players, future superstars in the fireworks business, pace setters, goal achievers, those who have the vision of success. Striving to be the best you can be!

Have a safe and great 4th of July fireworks celebration!



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