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4th of July, Planning the Main Event

Many communities across America have already cancelled the weekend events for July 4th. Independence day 2020, a mainstay of America. Barbeques and fireworks are the two main items that are celebrated on this special holiday. Do not let your 4th of July, 2020 be a total wash out event. Excuse the expression, but as we read about all the cancelled events, if it's going to be, I will be up to me says the die hard pyro.

Setting aside a budget to have a descent fireworks DIY display will require some help from an unbiased source. There are many places around the US that sell fireworks. Some expensive, some not so expensive. But, one thing we can count on, the "Good Stuff", is not cheap, it's the first item to sell out and only a few will walk out some of it. Fireworks stands and stores concentrate on high profit items. The low to mid range items. Here is a look at a low end item that people flock to.

Why do people buy this item like it is hotcakes? Well, first it is labeled as a 500 gram fireworks cake. It is a bad item? NO, but the prices is what sells it. $13.81 per cake, that is unheard of for a 500 gram device. Well, not if it is from That is the everyday price. Budget minded? Absolutely! What do we get if we add another $10 per cake? Good question and it opens up a better choice of higher quality fireworks cakes. A good example would be:

The "Boss", a 16 shot 500 gram performer is clearly a step up the scale for the DIY backyard pyro. The higher the price in most cases, the better the effects. Stand and or store prices on this very same item can be as high as $69.95 or more. Impulse buyers or shoppers, shop the labels more than the effects.

Now if you want to get into the stuff every backyard pyro is looking for, you need to search in the artillery shells section. These come in all different flavors, sizes and prices ranges. From the el cheapo, to the hard hitting performers that rattle your neighbors out of their beds. This category is where the wallet can take a healthy hit. But, why bother, if it's not a homerun.

The "New" Excalibur Platinum fireworks canister shells. They come in an attractive large box, including all the necessary HDPE shooting tubes. These are the largest consumer fireworks shells you can buy. 5"'s in size, packed with 60 grams of powder. There are twenty four different effects of shells in each box. With those effects and eye catching box, you will find stands and store selling this item for $199.00 + per box. Why? Because people will pay big money for the best! Again, a item that will sell out fast regardless of the price. We find this same item at for $63.07 per 24 shell box. Is it a deal? You decide.

If you're looking for lots of punch and lots of shots per cake, the 200 gram category is a great place to shop. Also used as fillers in the fireworks finale of many paid for shows. A couple of mentions that will get your attention:

Everybody loves the crackles, especially when you can fill the sky above you with them. "Road Trip" is one of those fireworks 200 gram cake that can do just that. With the budget in mind, this little gem and be had for as low as $10.00 per cake and lasts nearly 46 seconds. Fuse to of them together for a simultaneous discharge, now it's like those expensive 500 gram cakes. A real bargain and you won't be disappointed. Another gem is the new cake by World Class called "Sin City".

Love the trailing tail when the effect leaves the ground. Vibrant color and very nice reports for a $8.87 200 gram cake. A sure gem for the backyard DIY pyro. Find a whole website filled with the top selling fireworks online, shop the deals for even more savings. Order fireworks online today from Just plain More Bangs for YOUR Bucks!



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