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4th Of July Fireworks

How will you celebrate this July 4th? Experts say that crowds at the 4th of July fireworks displays will be down this year. Many will be cancelled along with the usual festival types of activities over the fear of the spread or rejuvenation of the Covid - 19 virus. Does your 4th of July have to be a total bust? We have some helpful options that may bring some cheers and lighten up the skies in your neighborhood.

It may not be the big boomers or the massive spreads of professional fireworks, but the thrill of being your own backyard pyro will bring a sense of satisfaction to the holiday that may have its limitations. Preparation is the key for this seasons 4th of July fireworks show. Planning and buying fireworks as they become available. Some items will sell out quickly, while the not so good items are always the last ones left on the shelves. The personal budget usually plays a big part on how long or big of a show one will have. Shopping for the best buys on fireworks is always a challenge as well get sucked in on those Buy One, Get One Free gimmicks. Are you really getting something for FREE? Probably not! So let's talk about how to get the MOST show for our money. Here are some show ideas and helpful hints to make your 4th of July fireworks celebration a top event in your neighborhood.

With money or budget being the deciding factor in most backyard fireworks displays, our first stop would be checking out different assortments packages like "The Biggen". It's complete fireworks show in one box. It contains several different effects along with a variety of powder weighted cakes including 200 gram and 500 gram devices where you lite one fuse and the show begins. Included in "The Biggen" are a variety of festivals balls or mortar round balls which have to be loaded into a shooting tube after each shot. Festival balls are usually a 40 gram shells, they come in variety of effects with a long fuse. Once ignited it will travel anywhere from 150 to 200 feet in the air before an effect display will appear. You will find a wide selection of fireworks assortments in our online store at



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