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Unleash the Power of 24 Cansiter Shells Excalibur

Excalibur Fireworks for Sale
Platinum Excalibur Fireworks Near Me

Shop for 24 Canister Shells Excalibur, the only firework shells that have outsold all others for over a decade. #1 for a reason. Excalibur fireworks canister shells use only the finest powders, papers, fuse and effects. Included in every box is the exclusive heavy duty HDPE Excalibur fireworks shooting tubes. 24 different effects in each box. These 60-gram shell lead the industry in innovation and performance. Soaring nearly 250 feet in the air with spreads on the breaks pushing up to 200 feet wide. Nobody does it better than Excalibur. Shop the Excalibur Artillery Shells on sale every day in the best place to buy fireworks online.  Buy 24 Canister Shells Excalibur in each box by the case for the best price online. 

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