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Introducing Boomer Thunderbomb Firecrackers, the ultimate in firecracker fun! These powerful firecrackers are made with higher grade powders, thicker paper, and fuses compared to other generic firecrackers. Our manufacturing and testing process ensures the loudest bang, predictable fuse burn time with the lowest number of duds in this product category. Each pack contains 100 firecrackers, making them perfect for both small and large-scale celebrations. Get your hands on Boomer Thunderbomb Firecrackers and get ready for an explosion of fun.


Packaged 8/20/100 - 16,000 Total Firecrackers 


Thunderbomb Firecrackers - 100 Count Cracker Packs

SKU: 1000503
$164.10 Regular Price
$84.79Sale Price

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