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Introducing our Smoke Saber Colored Party Smoke! This unique pyrotechnic product is perfect for adding excitement and energy to any event or celebration. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, including red, green, orange, purple and blue, this smoke saber is sure to impress and dazzle spectators. The smoke is non-toxic and easy to use, making it a safe and hassle-free addition to your pyrotechnic display. Whether you're hosting a concert, party, or special event, the Smoke Saber Colored Party Smoke is the perfect choice for creating stunning visual effects that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. A must have for your next paintball adventure. Order yours today and take your pyrotechnic displays to the next level!


Packaged 20 Packs of 5 Cyclinders Each

Smoke Saber Colored Party Smoke

SKU: 1004109
$425.94 Regular Price
$227.17Sale Price

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