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Spice Up The Party Gag Gadgets

Looking for something different to set your event or party apart from the rest? Summertime is when the majority of all parties take place. Weddings, grilling parties and all the outside fun holidays for most of America. So let's look at some of things that can make a difference. We will start with some safe and sane fireworks that are just morbid. The "Skull Fountain".

In a class of it own, this mess will be shooting purple flames out of its mouth. A definite attention getter at any gathering. Freaky for some would be a understatement. But then, what's a party without a little excitement added in?

Don't let anyone think your celebration isn't special. Setting out a few piles of "Mr. Poop" will get a second look.

The perfect pile of gems as this safe and sane fireworks fountain spews what may appear like what we had for dinner last night. A gag that adds the smell of burning sulfur along with the flow on fountain effects to any party. Visit our website for additional novelties as well as everything you need to makes any celebration a top notch event.



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