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"Maximizing Your Fireworks Display: Should You Set Off Just One Fuse or Many?"

Preparing for the ultimate neighborhood fireworks display starts with planning. How are we going to enjoy the show verse spending all that time running around lighting fuses and only catching a portion of all the planning work that went into setting it up. Maximizing your fireworks display keep the show moving will little dark sky time and allows even the pyrotech the opportunity to enjoy their time spent putting it all together.

Starting With the Basics:

You have a couple of different choices when putting together an outstanding fireworks display that doesn't require a special license to purchase certain devices needed to put on a spectacular show. Electronically fired shows are a great way to go but require several additional steps to pull it off. Professional E-match for one requires a license to purchase the ready to go product, verse Talons no license required, but sometimes they go off and sometimes they don't. Below you'll see e-matches on the top and talons on the bottom. After considering these choices, should you set off just one fuse or many?

Setting up fireworks with an e-match on consumer fireworks will require special tools and safety precautions. A brass poke or wooden pointed dowel will be needed to insert the e-match into the cake or device intended to discharge electronically. With a talon, you just clip the connector onto the devices exposed fuse. If you're using the higher dollar equipment for shooting fireworks, it will give you a continuity light when it is connected properly which in another way of maximizing your fireworks display . Or we can just lite one fuse at a time and set the pace of the display to or own liking and speed of the show controlling the dark sky time. Each of the above items are used for electronically fired fireworks shows. But to get to this point, we will need some product and some fuse. Like firework shot cakes, some sky rockets, saturn missiles or whatever the choice may be.

Choosing the Right Fireworks Fuse: maximizing your fireworks display

Fuse comes in a variety of colors and burn time speeds. Fireworks fuse can be very hard to get the closer you get to the 4th of July in most areas. The slowest of fuses available in most locations is the (green) fuse or known as cannon fuse. Burn times are very slow usually from 24 to 35 seconds per foot. Rarely used in a fireworks display, but from time to time, you will find some need for it in a show. More commonly used for fireworks is Yellow and Pink fuses for a timed show or multiple device connections. Like cakes and artillery shells. These colored fuses will burn on average between 3 to 17 seconds per foot. Yellow usually being the fastest and pink when stringing a rack of shells together. The lightning fuse is the Quick fuse. This fuse burns so fast, its scary. Burn times average a foot in less than a second. Used for rapid fire devices or in a final barrage of effects. All fused devices should have two different ignition points to assure no hiccups in the event one fuse fizzles out. Timing is everything when fusing a fireworks show together. One of the best ways to find the times on devices is when you watch a fireworks video online of the items being purchased for the show and maximizing your fireworks display.


Find the right fireworks devices requires some research and can be time consuming. First and foremost understand your celebration can be limited by the amount of money that will be going up in smoke in a matter of a few seconds or several minutes. When setting up for a spectacular event may be once in a lifetime and all factors considered. Finding product at affordable prices starts online. No gimmicks to tricks, just finding great products at a fair price is the best place to start. Buying in quantity will help to crib the cost and increase the quality of the show with better products for less money. We are the purveyors of high quality DIY fireworks show supplies and have been for nearly 20 years. The only company who offers discount or wholesale prices and FREE shipping on quantity order throughout the US.

May your celebration be an unforgettable success, shop any time of day, week or year at the



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