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Fireworks, The Leftovers

If you have ever wondered why your neighbors fireworks show was so much better than yours, the answer is pretty simple. Your neighbor knew when to buy his fireworks. Is there a right time and a wrong time to buy fireworks? Yes, is the correct answer. First, let's answer the Yes to the wrong time. Usually anytime within the two weeks prior to a holiday where fireworks are part of the events, is not the time to start shopping for fireworks deals. The closer you get to the holiday, inventory becomes scarce of the "good" stuff. The best fireworks items always sells out first and with most retail fireworks operations, reordering usually means leftover inventory just waiting for the next holiday. Fireworks dealers do not like leftover inventory. As with anything, time is it's worst enemy. The longer it sets in the warehouse or on the store shelves, the less likely it will perform like when it first arrived. Overstocked, discontinued and leftover fireworks might be at a good price, but are you willing to sacrifice performance to save a few dollars?

So one thing for sure, if you're looking for MORE BANGS for your BUCKS, when to buy fireworks is a BIG deal. The closer to the holiday and the more merchandise becomes limited, usually means you could very well be paying up to FIVE TIMES the price of an item if you made your purchase a month or two prior.

Now to answer is there a "best" time to buy fireworks. Yes, of course. The best time to buy fireworks is when the importers receive that current years inventory. That happens twice each year. Inventory starts coming in mid April until mid May. That is a good time to make your purchase and get what you want or at least reserve it before everyone else buys it up. October to mid November is the best time to make your purchase for an outstanding fireworks display. Inventory is at it highest count levels for the year. New Years kicks off the year for fireworks sales. Any inventory left there after the 4th will be very little or none and most importers are gearing up for the new stuff for the coming year. Usually in April or May, importers will reveal all their new item for that year. Moral of the story. Buying directly from does two things. Taps into inventory supplies directly from the importers and second, allows you to buy at the lowest prices which gives you far more bangs for your bucks.



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