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Been to your local fireworks store lately? So, you thought that only groceries and gas were the only things affected by what is taking place in the political arena? SURPRISE! Independence, that word has many meanings. Including how certain ones are taken away and forcing those who believe it is important will just have to pay the price to show their respect for those who fought for it. The meaning of "Independence Day", why we have it, the purpose for it, and what took place to gain it for America.

Independence Day is the day for celebrating what those who separated themselves from the iron clad fist of basically what could be called "dictatorship" from across the pond. They fought, many died, obviously those freedoms were not free. Many of the settlers in America back in the day, have continued that blood line as many of us are kin to them. Do they respect what their forefathers sacrificed for all to be able to enjoy what America is today? Independence Day, more meaning than most of us will ever realize or be willing to accept. They signed a "Declaration of Independence", and a "Constitution" which was written to avoid the mistakes that the founders left their native homelands because of, in an attempt to set themselves free. Yes, a "Constitution". based on trials and revelations of a society far from perfect in the minds of those who took the risk and risked it all to form the land we know as America.

Independence Day, today a day of questions as inflation soars at a record pace, The same issues and concerns in which the founders abandoned their homeland. Gas prices soar! (no gas back then) Food prices soar, planned food shortages and the everyday living cost spirals out of site. Questions to be asked. Have the farmers stopped planting corn? Stopped raising cows? Did the chickens all of a sudden quit laying eggs? And did the earth all of a sudden stop producing oil? Makes one think how planned this disaster really is. Yes, cost do go up, but the desire to gain power appears to be more at large now than ever (repeat of across the pond). Greed taking control of the lives of most threaten the Independence of those of us today. Remember those who died for it, and made it possible for America to be what it is.

Shop your local store or find fireworks for sale online. Show your support for the independence so many cherish. Light up the skies on the 4th of July with your own backyard fireworks display. Sound off with the beautiful colors, loud bangs and cheers of happiness. Never forget what you were handed, it was not free for so many and don't permit a few to take it away from you. Celebrate Independence Day with pride! If you have them, LIGHT THEM! If you don't have them yet, get them now online!



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