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Fireworks Safety!

Nobody wants to visit the emergency room on the 4th of July. Or a funeral a few days after. So, we're going to keep this short, straight forward and simple. Be prepared! Lighting off fireworks can be dangerous. Always read the label on each item. Follow the directions or suggestions. Items like shot cakes, secure them. Screw them down on plywood or place cinder blocks around them. Never look down on any fireworks item with a tube. Never hold any fireworks item in your hand that is considered to be an aerial device. Light the device and move away immediately. Never attempt to re-light a dud!

No pun intended about duds! Artillery Canister Shells. Follow the directions on the box. Load the shells as the label says, top up, fuse will be at the bottom of most shells. Never load two shells into one tube at the same time. Never look down into the tube or put your face over the top of the tube. Got a dud? Stay away for at least 30 minutes. Light fuse, run! Get away immediately, a close break can be dangerous, and they do happen with even the best made mortars. Never use PCV PIPING! Only use the supplied tubes or the proper sized plugged HDPE tubes. HDPE tubes will have a solid base, like the Excalibur Patented tubes or with a wood plug secured in the bottom or an solid attached base.

Wear the proper safety gear. Head protection, like a hard hat or tactical helmets, body protection like a fireproof coat, closed toed shoes, eye protection (goggles) or face shield on the tactical helmet, long pants, no shorts. Make sure your spectators are at least 210 feet from where you are lighting off fireworks. Do not discharge fireworks near building or where trees, powerlines or any obstructions are with at least 210 feet from the discharge point. Keep firefighting apparatus available at ALL TIMES. Have a SAFE and GREAT 4th of JULY!


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