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Fireworks Price Increases - How to Beat Them

Checking out the local firework stores one will experience sticker shock like never before. Question is why? Fuel was at the lowest prices in years to transport them from China to the US. Material price increases were minor at best compared to past years. Labor cost increases for Chinese workers were bare bones minimums. So why did the shipping cost triple from the year before? Why greed is the main factor. Overzealous Chinese shipping companies believe Americans will pay whatever prices they charge to get their products. Only one way to stop the continued gouging is to either stop buying Chinese made products or have them made in countries that appreciate your business. Will the fireworks market disappear like so many others have in the past? Never say never! It will take more than a few fireworks buyers to keep the industry healthy and alive. The store you shop at this year, may not be there next year. As we see inflation running at rapant leaps and bounds, there are some ways to beat the massive price increases with the implementation of some keen shopping technics.

Buying fireworks by the case at wholesale fireworks prices is one big step in reducing the cost verse buying retail one piece at a time. Even with massive discounts, retail is still retail. The buy one get one free gimmick is just that. If the store triples the retail price of each item and you buy one and get one, you still paid to much. Yes, you have two of the same item or items of equal value. Case buying makes it possible to buy more for the same money as buy one, get one free, but get more bangs for the same money or less. Another question is, how long has that inventory been sitting on that retailers shelf?

Group buying is another way to take a big bite out of fireworks prices. Most fireworks buyers will realize that when you put multiple buyers together, all of them get more product and a better show in the end. A perfect example, Excalibur mortar shells, come 4 packs of 24 shells in each box. Included are 4 heavy duty Excalibur HDPE shooting tubes per box. Case buying makes it possible to get 4 boxes for the price of two at just about any retailer that is still in business. Buying fireworks by the case only makes good business sense or common sense for most.


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