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Covid 19, Fireworks Displays Cancelled

Challenging times around the globe are facing so many. In lock down with the fear of leaving your home or going out in public, has put all of us in an awkward place. City after city, have cancelled their fireworks displays to curb the large crowds and try to help stop the spread of this ugly virus, Covid 19.


Times have definitely changed, the question is how long will it be before we return back to normal, or at least somewhat like normal. It looks more and more like the coming summer holidays will be celebrations close to home with limited guests if any at all. The way we all celebrate will change as well. Fireworks have been a mainstay for many years in festivals, county fairs, wedding celebrations, graduations, company parties and now today, in many people's backyards. With labor day in the forecast, New Years Eve not long after that, planning has becoming increasing necessary to enjoy the American tradition of fireworks. Supplies are down, demands are soaring as more people have made the choice to be safe and stay home and do their own fireworks shows than venture out and take the chance of being infected.

So let's talk about why we have posted this blog. New Years eve accounts for 25 -35% of all the fireworks sales for the year. Stocks have already dwindled down to where all the good stuff has been sold out from the warehouses. Warehouse orders stopped as of the date of this blog four days ago. SOLD OUT. So are you planning for the upcoming holidays? Start planning now. In mid September, early October, fireworks stock will again start to slowly fill the shelves of America's fireworks warehouses. Yes, all the good stuff. Planning the New Years Eve celebration? It would be wise to start around Thanksgiving if you are planning on having the "good stuff". Next years July 4th, the wise shoppers will cease their cache but shopping much earlier than they did this year. Serious backyard pyro's will put their orders in by the end or April or no later than mid May to get a good fill ratio. A word of wisdom never hurts. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance, otherwise known as the 6 P's of life. Find all your fireworks deals online www.



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