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Buy One, Get Six FREE!

We have all seen these advertisements while shopping for fireworks. Or the BOGO promotions. Is the Bogo or Buy One, Get One like the "check is in the mail" program?

As we do some very serious shopping, it's quite obvious that there are lots of choices out there when it comes to buying fireworks. It's actually overwhelming at times. The knockoffs and look alikes are amazing. The catchy labels and how many shots or effects of an item. How do you really now if you are getting a deal when shopping for that special fireworks show? Did you add sales tax in that price? So, if I buy one, I really get one free? The old saying there is a sucker born every minute holds so true when you watch those walking out of retail fireworks stores. Some spend thousands and really only get several hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks. But, they feel good, because they think they got a real deal. Something for nothing, the oldest sales gimmick in the book. Lots of businesses use this technique. Let's take a look at this.

We have all seen these. Excalibur fireworks artillery shells. The number 1 selling canister shells for over a decade. Lots of knockoffs of these shells on the market today. So many different names on them, it could boggle a genius mind.

Back to Buy One, Get Ones or Bogo Deals. You will find Excalibur shells, originals, not knockoffs in retail stores for $199.00 per 24 shell box. If you Buy One, they will Give you One for Free. Is it really free? We pay the listed price, add several more dollars for sales tax and we walk away with 48 shells instead of just 24. If I would have shopped online, I would could have gotten 96 shells for the same price as 48 and paid no sales tax. And what if I did a warehouse pickup? Most people who buy 96 Excalibur shells usually have an order big enough to make it worth while to visit the warehouse for a fireworks pickup. Is Buy One, Get One really a deal? Only if it included 96 shells for the $199.00.

Another really popular item during the 4th of July fireworks show season are the repeater cakes. These box like devices can come in many different configurations. Some with 7 shots, some with 220 shots. Same Bogo deals or Buy One, Get One deals exist. But it gets very interesting when it comes to fireworks repeater cakes. Most starting from 200 gram all the way up to 500 gram with multiple shots and different effects. These are much harder to shop than fireworks artillery shells. Many different labels, but underneath, it could be the same product the store has done the store for one third the price. When is Buy One, Get One really a deal? When you can get 500 gram cakes with 25 shots or more $25 each. Some with special effects will cost a bit more, Buy One, Get One for $79.95, is really pay for three, get two deals. Serious fireworks shoppers avoid the knockoffs and trick and gimmicks of the 4th of July party season. We know, we were once right there with you! Be safe, party hardy. Shop early for the best buy in fireworks online for your new year's eve celebration



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