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4th Of July Fireworks Ideas

Planning for a celebration on the 4th? We will give you some pointers on how to make it the best ever and put you in charge. First, we need to start by doing some research. Below you will see a schematic of a very well organized private party fireworks display.

The items needs will include 200 gram fireworks repeater cakes. A good mix will be at least 2 different cakes. Buying a case would be wise for this setup. Find the top selling 500 gram fireworks cakes with different effects and placing them in pairs is always a winner. You will need several cases of these to help your display more the people watching your show. The biggest booms will come from your artillery shells. We recommend Excalibur fireworks for this item. Why? Excalibur fireworks artillery shells have been the #1 sellers for over a decade. A nice addition is to add some 1.75" festival balls in as well. If you don't have any mortar racks, there are many sellers available online by typing in mortar racks for sale. The Excalibur shells will require a DR-11 shooting tube. To put the entire show all together, you will need to order fireworks fuse. Different timing fuse in required for the above setup, but is available online for a variety of suppliers. Safety is always a concern when discharging fireworks. When fireworks are fused together in this type of display, extra caution is necessary to avoid mishaps. Keep the distance at the minimum listed. The more the merrier. To far away is not good either with a consumer fireworks displays. Find the happy medium. Where safety equipment, hard hat, protective glasses, long pants, closed shoes and a jacket preferrable fireworks proof. Keep fire extinguishing apparatus available at all times. Do not let anyone in the setup area at anytime except for the fireworks operators. Have fun and show your neighborhood that your are a great pyro.



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