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4th of July Fireworks Displays

Making your after dark presentation the best in the neighborhood takes some serious planning and a decent chunk of change. 4th of July Fireworks Displays are more common with community fireworks displayed being canceled. More people with be performing their own DIY fireworks shows. The best shows always involve the most items. Not necessarily the longest, just the best planned out presentation. How you open the show, sets the tempo for the middle and ending, like the finale. One does not have to be a "professional" to put on a great fireworks display. July 4th, lighting up the sky can involve everything from roman candles, rockets to artillery shells. The length of your show, time wise, it can be too long and you don't want it to short. What is the perfect show time? Eight to ten minutes maximum. Fireworks shows that are short don't deliver the desire, want and need one is looking for on the 4th of July. If the show is too long, it is over kill, people become bored or discontent with the presentation. Timing is everything, knowing how long each device lasts, what effects it will deliver. The most entertaining shows will be where the finale is the best part of the show. A one minute finale is a tease. A five minute finale is overkill. Below is a schematic of a DIY fireworks show that rocks. You will need two different types of fireworks fuse. Quick Fuse, and Perfect Fuse. Quick fuse burns extremely fast. 0.05 ft per second. Perfect fuse the average burn time is 10 to 17 seconds per foot. If you're using 10 second fuse, the length will have to be adjusted to add more time in fuse, or a little longer fuse in the split connectors.

Example of a Backyard Fireworks Show
Fireworks Display Setup

A good mixture of quality cakes and artillery shells will make the difference between a good show and an outstanding show. All safety precautions should be taken when setting up the show and at the presentation. The more the merrier does not hold true in a fireworks presentation. If the air is clam, smoke is generated as each item discharges. The more devices ignited, the more smoke to where eventually you will see more smoke than fireworks. The pattern above has been used many times over and produces an outstanding July 4th fireworks display. The mix between 200 gram cakes and 500 gram is essential. Artillery shells place where shown add lots of punch to your presentation. The last row should contain two to three times as many artillery shells as the front two rows. A good configuration is 24 x 24 X 48 or 72 shells. Some great items to consider.


200 Gram Cakes Road Trip. Lasting approximately 48 seconds, it's a great sky filler with loads of crackles start to finish. Doubled up in the front row, it set the tempo for a spectacular 4th of July fireworks display.

200 gram Sin City, lasting approximately 31 seconds send a screaming tail up with the charge. It's a neat cake and resembles many professional fireworks items with that effect. The neon colors are amazing.

200 gram A.I., it has it's own unique effects that separate it from all the others. As the spinning leave the cake swirling into the and bursting into colorful spreads. It packs a lot of punch for its size.


All the cakes used should complement each other. Timing is essential when setting up a fireworks display. Making sure all the fuse used in cut at the same lengths, place in equal distance to each line of devised. When you move into the more powder cakes, the 500 gram category, the cakes used in a row should all be within a second to two of each other in the ending times. Some ideas:

Again telling will be everything, colors and effects, mixing and matching. them into your fireworks display. Working the magic.

Setting up the combinations including timing, effects and leading up to the grand finale. Adding different effects in different rows. same effects in the rows using multiple cakes. Using two Loud & Prouds with two Road Trips or something in the realm of things. Adding one device item right before the finale is a great concept that slows the show down just before the entire sky it lite up with amazing fireworks in the finale. A great right before the finale item is "Peacock". Amazing zipper cake that will not disappoint and spectator.

The most important part of the 4th of July fireworks display is the "Grand Finale". It's where everything goes into the mix except the 200 gram cakes. We step up with the 3" finale cakes, usually a case of two sets the stage. A perfect finale cake is "Believe", it actually fills the entire sky above. Has very loud reports and is just flat out impressive when you see it live.

The loudest and most productive items in the show are the ones that rock. Canister shells, so many on the market, so many knockoffs as well. Being partial to the best sellers, Excalibur fireworks artillery shells are a 4th of July fireworks show favorite. Used in many close proximity sporting events, it delivers consistent results. Each shell will climb from 250 to 300 feet in the air, towering well above most 500 gram cakes. Depending on the shell, you will see spreads up to 250 feet wide. The finale part of the 4th fireworks display will contain a substantial amount of artillery shells. Those who shoots yearly holiday shows will buy mortar tubes with plugs and make their own racks or buy them premade.

Artillery Shell Display  Racks for Fireworks
Fireworks Mortar Racks

For the best results, each row in the rack or if tubes are being used. As you sort through the shells in the case, matching the same effects shells in each row leads for lots of ohh's and ahh's. Racks like the one shown are mainly for finales. Smaller racks are used in all the rows leading up to the event everyone is waiting for. The best sells on the market for over a decade are made my World Class, they have been the top selling fireworks artillery shells for over a decade. Excalibur, now with a new line of Excalibur as well as Platinums.

Using proven leader basically helps to assure that the fireworks show that so much time goes into, it goes over extremely well. You can find all the top selling fireworks items in the online store at www.bestfireworksstores. com

5" Fireworks Displays Canister Shells
Platinum Excalibur Artillery Shells



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