Excalibur Artillery Shells

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The choice is obvious. Another super producer mortar by World Class Fireworks. The Excalibur Platinum fireworks artillery shells will continue the tradition of the Excalibur shells. These mortars are 5 inches long, packed with 60 grams of powder in each shells. A box contains 24 different effects of shells. As always, these shells will travel approximately 250 feet in the air before bursting into an outstanding spread of nearly 200 feet wide. Hard pounding reports accompany each break in the sky. Platinum Excalibur Artillery Shells, in a class all of their own. Find all the exceptional products offered by World Class at this fireworks for sale close to me website. Save big money and buy fireworks online in quantity to qualify for FREE FIREWORKS SHIPPING. No leftover, discontinued or overstocked merchandise. The Best Place to Buy Fireworks Online

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