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Your One-Stop Shop for Fireworks in Indiana - Best Fireworks Stores

Welcome to Fireworks Stores in Indiana. Find the largest selection of all the top selling fireworks. For instance, Excalibur fireworks artillery shells. 24 different effects in each box. 60-gram shells, featuring the exclusive heavy duty HDPE shooting tubes. Only by Excalibur. Indiana Fireworks Stores carries a complete selection of shot cakes. However, you can shop in the comfort of your own home or office. Find the best fireworks for sale in the Fireworks Stores in Indiana! Save up to 60% off retail fireworks stores and stands. Shop Fireworks Stores in Indiana and save big money!

Firecracker Rolls
Snappers Pop Snaps
Boxing King Fireworks Cake
Frenzy Fireworks Cake
Roman Candle - Balls of Fire
Jungle Cat Repeater Cake
Platinum Excalibur Artillery Shells
Bootleggers Dream Fireworks Assortment
Excalibur Mortar Shells

Buy fireworks online for the best deals on all the top selling fireworks in Indiana. For instance, Fireworks shoppers in Muncie, Terra Haute and Fort Wayne, can order from Indiana fireworks stores and have them delivered to their door. Indianapolis and South Bend shoppers and take advantage of FREE FIREWORKS shipping on qualifying quantity orders. Shop Fireworks Stores in Indiana for the best prices.

How Fireworks are Taxed in Indiana:

In the state of Indiana, the sales tax on all retail fireworks purchases is 7 percent. In addition to this, since 2006 when the legalization of all 1.4G fireworks took place, there is an additional Fireworks Public Safety Fee of 5 percent that is levied on every order of retail fireworks. However, there is a possibility to waive these taxes if the purchases are wholesale by the full case and if the customer is able to provide the necessary Federal Tax Identification documentation.

Class B and Class C Fireworks:

Class B and Class C fireworks are two categories used to classify fireworks based on their specific characteristics and intended use. However, it is important to note that these terms are considered outdated. The newer classification system uses the designations 1.4G and 1.3G to categorize fireworks. 

The main difference lies in the purpose and level of danger associated with each category. Class B fireworks, now referred to as 1.3G fireworks, are primarily intended for display and professional use. These fireworks are known for their larger size, louder explosions, and higher levels of pyrotechnic composition. Due to their more powerful nature, they require specialized handling and safety precautions. These fireworks are typically used in large-scale displays for public events, such as city-wide celebrations or professional pyrotechnic competitions.

On the other hand, Class C fireworks, now known as 1.4G fireworks, are consumer fireworks designed for recreational use, such as personal celebrations or private events. These fireworks are generally smaller in size and produce less intense explosions compared to Class B/1.3G fireworks. They are made to be more accessible and safe for individuals to use, with a focus on enjoyment rather than professional display. However, it is still crucial to handle them responsibly and follow all safety guidelines to prevent accidents.

In summary, the main differences between Class B and Class C fireworks lie in their purpose and intended use. Class B or 1.3G fireworks are for display and professional use, while Class C or 1.4G fireworks are consumer fireworks intended for personal celebrations. The former category is known for its larger size, louder explosions, and higher levels of pyrotechnic composition, while the latter is designed to be more accessible, smaller in size, and produce less intense explosions.

How fireworks are Classified:

There are various classifications of fireworks that can be grouped into different categories. To explore this further, you can refer to our comprehensive Fireworks 101 Page, where you will find detailed information on the distinctions between Display fireworks and Consumer fireworks.

Additional source to learn about Fireworks Safety:

When looking for information related to fireworks safety, I can recommend visiting the official website of the National Council on Fireworks Safety, which can be found at This website provides comprehensive resources and guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable fireworks experience. It covers topics such as handling and storage of fireworks, proper usage techniques, and important safety precautions to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. Browsing this website will provide you with valuable insights and reliable information to ensure fireworks are celebrated responsibly and safely.

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