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Introducing the Guns Blazing Roman Candle Fireworks - a show-stopping, jaw-dropping spectacle that will light up the night sky with 240 shots of colorful, explosive fun. This massive Roman candle is the biggest and boldest in our collection, guaranteed to leave your audience in awe with its incredible display of lights and sounds. Each shot is carefully crafted for maximum impact, creating a dazzling visual and auditory experience that will make your event the talk of the town. Perfect for Fourth of July celebrations, New Year's Eve parties, or any other special occasion, this Roman candle is sure to bring the excitement and thrill to your festivities. Get ready to light up the night and make a statement with the Guns Blazing Roman Candle Fireworks - 240 Shots.


8 Roman Candles Per Case

Guns Blazing Roman Candle Fireworks - 240 Shots

SKU: 1004119
$375.24 Regular Price
$200.13Sale Price

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