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Saturday, July 4th 2020 No Fireworks

Prepare yourself! The 4th of July will be on a Saturday this year. Many localities have already cancelled or postponed their public displays of fireworks due to the fear of the spread of the Coronavirus being associated with large gathering.
Don't let this bug rain on your parade! Shop early for your own fireworks display with family and a few friends. Late shoppers will find a limited selection and short supply of the top selling fireworks. Go prepared for STICKER SHOCK!!

In short supply due to production layoffs in the amazing Excalibur Platinum artillery shells. You may be shell shocked at the prices these will bring this year! Inventories as of the writing of this blog are VERY LIMITED to say the least. Late shoppers for fireworks merchandise WILL have their party rained out! Check out the new items at in at today.



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