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Party on the 4th of July

Party is at my house. Barbeque, beer, dancing with some music and fireworks at dark! Even though the crowd will be much smaller than usual, good times are right around the corner. How are we going to make it happen? Well, on the barbeque scene, better stock up and put some in the freezer now, limits are placed on how much steak and chicken you can buy each time you shop at the store. Beer is not limited though, that is a positive. Here is a hint if you want your steak, chicken or seafood to taste the best. Unthaw all meat, chicken or seafood in your refrigerator. So allow a day or two of prep time. Add some marinade on your steak or chicken while it is thawing in a baggie in the frig. On the fireworks scene, imports of fireworks from Coronasville, has put some items in the "Out of Stock" category. So, stocking up now makes for a much better shopping trip than right before the holiday. Prices are on the up swing which are bound to be very costly for a descent show. Fireworks this year will be like buying gasoline on a holiday weekend. The 4th of July is on a Saturday. The top celebrations July 4th, 2020 will be the well planned out ones. Check out some of the new arrivals in our online fireworks store, but order early, supplies are very limited and will be gone well before the 4th is even here.

Here is a video of one item that did not make it to the US due only to the coronavirus issue.



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