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Coronavirus And It's Effect On Fireworks Shipments

Many pyro enthusiast will feel the effects of the Coronavirus which will have an affect on the timely shipments of fireworks into the United States. It is believed the virus started in China, the source for most of the worlds fireworks. Since most fireworks are produced in China and shipped to the United States, labor needed has been absent or even none existent since the outbreak. China produces the majority of all consumer 1.4g fireworks in factories in a region that was considered to be in the top three zones in China affected by the Coronavirus. Consumer fireworks from wedding sparklers to artillery shells are made by hand in these factories that scatter the mountainous regions of China. There are times in China where workers are required to take time off from their jobs in these factories for various country wide celebrations. When you add the outbreak to mandatory time off, the shutdown have put a serious damper on the production of this years supplies of fireworks for the up and coming summer time events. Not only will the 1.4g fireworks be affected, but the 1.3g professional fireworks items will feel the crunch as well.

The production facilities are slowly producing a very limited supply of certain items more than likely for the larger customers. Smaller fireworks dealers in the US will be forced to seek additional merchandise from the larger importers to stock their shelves of the popular items like 200 gram and 500 gram fireworks repeater cakes for the upcoming 4th of July fireworks celebrations.

Current ensites on what the long term effects will be in the United States on consumer fireworks products and what to plan on. Expect delays on top selling items for any 4th of July fireworks celebration. Factories closed and production workers in the plants are slowly returning to work. Powder manufacturers are experiencing the same results with the labor force, as production of the necessary explosives to produce fireworks is slowly returning to normal. Volatile explosives are not stored in large quantities. The entire market for fireworks will see larger than normal price increases. Most retailers will experience increases in prices anywhere from 20 to 40 percent, as these prices increased are passed on to the consumers. Professional fireworks suppliers will also experience sharp increases in the cost of fireworks cakes and shells produced in the Lui Yang region of factories. As with any commodity, supply goes down, prices go up. If you are planning a traditional July 4th fireworks celebration, it would be wise to order product well before your event is planned to take place. Orders are being filled as the product becomes available. Current hold times for shipments to arrive is 3 to 5 weeks before the importers will release any containers to the merchants or suppliers. Visiting fireworks stores near me, I have already seen a huge increase in prices, short inventories and a list of people waiting for product to arrive. The following are just a few of the items that have been affected by the coronavirus that come out of China.



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