Fireworks Cakes

Fireworks Cakes, otherwise known as shot cakes, repeater cakes, mulitple shot repeater cakes. Find all the best selling fireworks shot cakes online. For instance, assortments packages of repeaters in both the 500 grams or 200 gram cake. How shot cakes work. One fuse, when ignited sets off a string of fireworks effects. Based on the type of fireworks cake depends on it effects. In other words, it's like getting a whole fireworks show packed into one small box. Therefore, a few cakes can make a nice display for any celebrtion. 

Fireworks cakes can be the best buy for your money. Effects in brocades, peonies, crackles, chrysanthemums, rain, glitter, stars and several other effects. In addition, you can find sprinkler cakes, fan cakes, angle cake and fireworks cake that shoot straight up into the air.  The best fireworks cakes online. 




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