Fireworks Buyers Guide

Fireworks buyers guide, it's real simple! For instance, anything that leaves the ground, is called an "aerial" firework. After that, any the goes "boom" in the air, is called a report. Fireworks on a stick, are called "Rockets". In other words, bottle rockets, sky rockets. Similarly, there are motorized rockets as well. Therefore, anything that leavex the ground, is considered an "aerial" fireworks device. It also included, fireworks cakes, and roman candles. 

Safe and Sane are all other fireworks or novelties that remain grounded. Fountains, even though they emit sparks, are considered non aerial fireworks. In addition, snakes, smoke devices, sparklers and snap pops, are all consider to be safe and sane fireworks. Above all, shop our fireworks catalog online for all the best in celebration supplies.