• Firework Control Panel built into a rugged case.
  • A massive 19,800 individual Cues (200 Channels x 99 Cues).
  • Fully scripted firing - fire a fully automatic show from a USB memory stick. Ideal for Pyro Musicals.
  • Easily create firing scripts with our FREE easy to use software.
  • Also easily create / edit scripts in MS Excel, Notepad or your favourite text editor.
  • System downloads script to firing modules before the show - you don't rely on the radio link to fire every cue.
  • Easily set up segments and fire the show "segment by segment".
  • Easily skip, play, pause a segment of a firework show.
  • Set cue "on" time as part of script - ideal for air valves, confetti cannons, confetti blowers and SFX.
  • Key arming switch.
  • Full Bi-Directional Communication to all Field Modules including "overlapping" or "simultaneous" cues.
  • 4 x AA Battery power source.
  • Backlit 32 character display provides easy to read information.
  • Continuity readings from every module bonded to control panel.

Scripted Firework Control Panel - FireStorm Firing System