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The only  ATF non-regulated initiator on the market. Don't be fooled, the safety explosives act of 2003 regulated all igniters. After many samples and conversations with the ATF, we are proud to announce that we have a non regulated product. These were made specifically for rocketry, law enforcement,  and consumer fireworks.  Per our patent and  ATF agreement, they are only available with a Blue and white lead wire. * Orders less than a case will ship US Mail, without insurance, and can take 2 weeks to deliver. They ship Parcel post. there is not tracking, even though you will get a #. It will only show you when it departs our local facility, and when it arrives to your local facility. It does not update along the way like priority mail. 

E - Match - Consumer Legal - Firewire Initiator

  • A - 80 pieces of 3 foot, 200 pieces of 7 foot

    B - 80 pieces of 3 foot 150 pieces of 10 foot

    C - 80 pieces of 3 foot , 440 pieces of 7 foot

    D- 80 pieces of 3 foot, 330 pieces of 10 foot
    E - 240 pieces of 7 foot

    F - 180 pieces of 10 foot

    G - 120 pieces of 15 foot

    J - 240 pieces of 15 foot

    H - 480 pieces of 7 foot

    I - 360 pieces of 10 foot



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